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Sponty Monty


We had a great weekender! In love with Amsterdam (nightlife). Coming back in December! Already booked new nightlife tickets yeahh =D

Graeme m


A must buy. Hard rock to start the night and then on to Amsterdamned. 👌🏻

Phenchan O.


At first I was skeptical about this free entry and free drinks but it surprisingly did work and I had a great time. Will definitely do it again if I am in Amsterdam !!

Thibaut Jacques


Excellente night no problem for entrée to the club you have very good idée for explore amsterdam night

Mohammad Razaq


Very good would recommend

Thibaut Jacques


top génial pour découvrir les bar danssant aucun souci a l'entrée avec les bon shot offert comme promit ... sympa pour un city trip entre pote reste qu'il a aussi d'autre dico accecible et gratuit

Ayoub ghbalou


Great experience and crazy night thank you

Nilkant Sastri


Yes, I recommend the pass as entry to escape without pass is 16€. Luckily, I got so many options for just 10€.

Stefanie Meyami


We enjoyed club Abe and Escape club, but we def saved most on $ at Hard Rock cafe haha! Can totally recommend getting tickets for Nightlife in Amsterdam!

Synclair Gonzalez


Got a lot out of it! I definitely recommend!!

Jonathan Freier


We had 2 great nights at John Doe and Escape, really good Djs! When back in Amsterdam, definitely gonna purchase nightlife tickets again.

Bob Oosterman


Perfect for exploring Amsterdam and have a night to remember. Recommend it!

Vlad Uveges


Great experience. Escape was great!

Jawad A


Worth it. Enjoyed the time alot.

Lesia Makhova


We was in Escape club on The Kings Birthday party. The party was so amazing, nice show and fine people!!!



This ticket has allowed me to have the best 3 nights of my life in Amsterdam at a very affordable price. Even though, my 1st night out wasn’t part of my ticket, I still got free entry that night! Definitely recommend going Thirsty Thursdays (Escape Club), AIR Amsterdam and AmsterdamNed. It made my holiday complete and I would definitely buy it again next time I’m in Amsterdam. Amsterdam really knows how to party! Can’t wait to come back. Ik hou van Amsterdam!



It is worth the money!

Alessandro Zavaglia


Really good, I love it

Antonia Hilton


Amazing and would recommend to anyone going to Amsterdam. Got into some great clubs- Sugarfactory's Techno Tuesday was my favourite and Escape was pretty good.

Isaac Webber


Easy to use, clubs were great. Specifically had a great night at AIR

Cristian Diaz


Excellent pass to have for a night of partying!! Even if you only go to the Holland Casino (**don't forget your free coctail**) and one other bar (**with another free shot**) you're already getting more than what you paid for the ticket. Totally recommend it!!

Raissa Morais


Amazing. Paradiso was my fav

Kaylee R.


Great experience to see Amsterdam (nightlife).

Oliver E


Great, definitely worth it. Really save on the price on entry and there is a good selection of clubs to choose from.

Johannes Quandt


Absolutely great! The boat trip, which we've booked extra was fantastic and great service on board!!!

Steven Moseley


An essential purchase if you want to experience Amsterdam to its fullest. The price of drinks in the center of 'Dam are ridiculous. This will help!

Sandesh kadam


Good overall, nice

Tianqi Jiao


It makes a greater pleasure to be in AMS with the night life card. We enjoyed a lot with the casino, cocktail in hardrock and a party of two we booked.

Tianqi Jiao


It makes a greater pleasure to be in AMS with the night life card. We enjoyed a lot with the casino, cocktail in hardrock and a party of two we booked.

Amit Phadke


Good pass for 7 days

Stella Sibarani


was great using the tickets, totally worth it.

Jane Luchi


We totally loved this pass and felt every penny was worth even though we could not go to many of the places the pass had offers for. Our luck was that it was Sunday and we got to experience few of the most happening clubs of Amsterdam and without the Nightlife pass we wouldn't have entered those clubs.



Had some great nights at Prime and Air club! Would like to see some more extras included.

Anna Beeck


Unfortunately, we had some rainy days during our stay, however, we really did enjoy the clubs we've visited. Also, we did some laser tag and bowling, which we had some really good fun at, great deal though.

Carolien Haveren


Makkelijk en goedkoop! Met een groep van 5 meiden hebben wij afgelopen week het amsterdamse nachtleven (na en lange tijd) weer eens verkend. En wij zijn er weer een hele mooie ervaring rijker door. Heel veel goede clubs! Hard rock cafe is ook echt een aanrader voor een mooie start van je avond! Heleboel dingen niet kunnen doen die waren inbegrepen, maar het was het geld voor de tickets dubbel en dwars waard.

Sergio e Melania


Amsterdam è fantastica! Escape e John doe merita sicuramente una visita.

Joelle Nathí


Kingsday was awesome. Think we've saved a fortune on club fees. We visited air club and smokeys with a group of 10. Even for one night in Amsterdam I can really recommend this. Small tip.. when waiting in line with a big group, behave! Bouncers can be a bit harsh though.

Lucia Š.


For 10€/20€, it totally worths. It was our first time in Amsterdam. We were on most of all clubs where we could get a free welcome drink, in five from seven clubs we got some "mini cocktail" .... music in those clubs was not really our thing, but we saw those streets and life there, so I see it in very pozitive way and we had fun....we had an extra choice for club, so we decided to go to AIR club, which was the best of all, there played nice DnB music, prices was nice, club was spacious, so this was definitely great of what Nightlife ticket offered. We used Nightlife ticket also in Hard Rock Cafe for 2 for 1, when you order for example 2 margaritas, you will got 4 drinks and paid like for two drinks. We would buy Nightlife ticket again.

Hema Ramaswamy


Did enjoy most of the clubs. The music was great.

Kyle Wagner


This was my 3rd time in Amsterdam. I can tell this is worth the money. Get it.



We got the 2 day card and went to Club Air on the first night. Good music and vibe in here but definitely no classy, high heel requirement as it said on the ticket. On the second night we went to Holland casino which was probably the highlight! We had the most amazing free cocktail. After that we went to club escape which was very classy (though again got in without heels). Think the second night alone more than covered the cost of the ticket!

Preetham Jakkenahalli Basavaraj


Experience at all clubs except Candella was good. I would suggest to remove Candella of Leidesplein out of Amsterdam Nightlife ticket as the bouncer outside the pub was very harsh. Experience at Holland Casino and other clubs was amazing. Thank you.



Very good value ticket

Zdenek Bucek


Great! Just for 10€ you can visit many clubs for free And you can have a free welcome drink. I recomend start your party early, bcoz you have more time for your party. The best on the end, 10€ off from first dříve with UBER. So it´s really great card!

Brandon Cisneros


This was definitely a great deal! Highly recommend! I was so excited to be able to get into Club Escape for free, best club in Amsterdam hands down. Took forever to get a drink and it was overpriced, but the music was great!

Adam Rochelle


The free entry to clubs was nice though so you could enter and not feel badly about leaving quickly if it wasn't a great vibe.

Stefan stefanov


It was good. 20€ for 7days.

Ally Hatch


Good value! It introduced us to many clubs and the casino entrance was nice. Only thing I would change is make it more apparent that bars get to choose was your shot- which was fine. Overall a very good value though and fun if you haven't experienced nightlife in Amsterdam yet.

Fanny A


This pass has a really good value for the price.

Leon Eisermann


Wir haben diese Woche sehr Genossen. Es ist das Ideale Produkt um das Nachtleben von Amsterdam zu entdecken. Club Paradiso ist einzigartig und das ich danach noch eine Uber fahrt von €10 gekriegt habe wahr perfekt. Ich bin also sehr zufrieden was man für sein Geld kriegt.

Emma Georgious


The clubs are really good. Supperclub in particular.

Lisa Romero


So many good partys to visit! Stayed for 4 days, should have taken the 7 day option :(.

Jenny Brock


Really nice clubs! Sugarfactory is def one of my favorites! This will save you a fortune on your club fees. Great product.

Barry s


Great value, mainly used the ticket in the Hard Rock Cafe but great variety of bars and attractions you can visit. Get one before you go to Amsterdam it will save you a fortune.

Persuader X


Good for value. A group of pubs and discos for only 10 euros.



great value



Some good clubs are included. Unfortunately, we could not visit all because we were only here for 1 day. Still had a great time and benefits from this ticket.

Lisa T.


It was a nice experience and we get in many of the clubs and got our drinks.

Faith Ritchie


Great! Many benefits very useful during our stay in Amsterdam. Totally recommended.



Very good experiences. we had some great nights in club amsterdamned and candela! many clubs are on the same strip, this is very nice to hop from club to club.

Ken Kaneki



Mahinur Rahman


Its a great option for all the visitors. Couldnt get better on the new years eve too. Thanks



C etait énorme !! J aurai bien aimé resté encore , merci beaucoup pour ce billet qui vaut plus que sa valeur 😀

Riccardo Risi


really good to have a ticket that allows you to enter many clubs. it could have been perfect if the Smokey bar/club in Rembrandt Plein was included with the ticket as it's one of my favorite.



We had a wonderful NYE! Can't remember much, but was great fun. Thank you so much.

Manon Koel


Het was een geweldige avond die leuk afwisseld was en ga zeker vaker gebruik maken van Amsterdam nightlife ticket



The Amsterdam night life ticket saves a lot of money and offers a lot to do.



Great value for money. Helped us find nightlife. Casino was a great saving on sat night. Clubs were good. We needed longer to use it all.



Amsterdam night life is LIT! Should have stayed longer tough :(.



Vraiment un billet qui en vaut la peine!

Rachael Green


Had a great time laser tagging and bowling! After that we went to Paradiso! Saved us a lot of money

Varun Pahuja


Shots were nice, places were good but not very crowded at 10,10:30 on weekends.It became really busy from 11.30.



Very convenient to visit great places in Amsterdam. We had a great time and can easily recommend.



I would recommend this ticket for its benefits over value, everything was great! Highly recommend.

Elham nevzadi


It work all perfekt thank you 👌

Sam Hughes


Awesome deals and good for free entry into the bars. Thank you.

Mukul Sabhani


Great Deals. Awesome Places. Met some very Interesting People !!

Julia Loéf


Woohoo ADE was great, extended our stay in A'dam and purchased extra nightlife tickets. Totally recommend getting this. 2day option would be perfect for us the 2nd time we bought this. However, great product!



Really good! To bad we cant be here during ade :(.



It was great, we really enjoyed club Panama and Winston kingdom. Coming back in March next year :).



Great service! Maby a one or two-day ticket would be great?! However, was totally worth €10 for our weekend!



Worked perfect! Night life in amsterdam is very good.



Wij hebben 2 TOP avonden gehad in Amsterdam! Maf dat ik hier niet eerder over heb gehoord. Kan het in ieder geval zeker aanbevelen. Let wel op dat je een beetje van te voren pland waar en wat je allemaal wilt gaan doen, kan je heel wat tijd schelen.



Amsterdammed and Winston were very good. Saved a fortune and got a free shot



Swede here who spent a weekend in Amsterdam and fortunately with this nightlife ticket. At first we didn't believe it Because of the price, but we bought it and got the money back just a couple of minutes later when we called an uber with the 15€ Free ride. The free entrance and free drinks worked perfect as well. Really great!

Ron R.


Been to Amsterdam 4 times over the last few years. Did not know about this ticket. Have seen some great clubs now that is also busy during the weekdays! Keep it up!!

Florian Birchmann


Nice Ticket. We had two nights, could drink three free shots, had free entrance to prime club. Thumps up!



great ticket but we had bad weather all week. beautiful city tho

Natalie Gaydeckova


This ticket is a must-have when visiting Amsterdam, it helps you find the best clubs and just the best places to go to plus the welcome drinks for free are very useful😂.

Ben Rogers


came to Amsterdam for my birthday with some buddies, it was fun but we missed out on a lot. the ticket is great if you plan out your stay but we kinda just winged it, my mistake. definitely would recommend if you plan it a bit ahead haha



Great! We are back in AMS next year!



We had low expectations in relation to the price. But we were pleasantly surprised how much you can do with this. We had lots of fun and really did save money. Cyn.



Great value. This ticket gave us easy access, we loved the nightlife.

Henk Plant


Very Nice product! Had a great time in Amsterdam! Excellent way to get the most of your stay in Amsterdam!

Sarina B


I expected a lot from Amsterdam. Club escape was the most fun and also good music. I bought a T-shirt at Hard Rock!! I really Love Amsterdam and the cocktails!



Holland casino & club Escape are great!

Jacqueline Saliba


On the whole, it was a nice way to explore and enjoy the Dutch nightlife (although in Malta, my country, we party harder and clubs are entrance free). I expected something better in terms of alcohol variety. I enjoyed Holland Casino and Hard Rock most.



"Mega” Hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt



Vraiment un coupon qui en vaut la peine! Il est dit que vous ne pouvons utiliser ce coupon qu'une fois par etablissement, mais à mon avis tu peux l'utiliser tous les soirs sans trop de problèmes. Quoi qu'il en soit, le coupon à été rentabilisé après notre première consommation au Hardrock café.

Nathan Chapman


Must buy. Only club that is a bit far (25 minutes walk from the central station) is club Panama. But buy this ticket!